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Статьи Growing cucumbers under the LEDs.
Growing cucumbers under the LEDs.
Wednesday, 27 January 2016 13:17

Specialists of the company, Philips conducted a study and proved that led lighting is the most economical and efficient in the winter.

"You still think you get the most from HPS or other equivalent? These lamps, like HPS is not very good as emit strong heat on all day (even when it is not necessary)..."

Professor Janina Gajc Wolska.

Growing cucumbers under the LEDs.

The main advantages of growing cucumbers under led lamps.

  • performance is higher by 24.8%
  • of water per kilogram less than 1.4 l
  • 60% less energy consumption

Led is really an economical way to grow fresh cucumbers in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe in the winter months? The answer is YES, according to the test, which was conducted by Philips – a leading provider of LEDs for horticulture on an industrial scale. The test was conducted jointly with the Warsaw University of the Sciences of plants – one of the best international universities in agriculture and forestry.

At the University of Warsaw the Department of vegetables and medicinal plants, it returned a verdict grown cucumbers: "Consumers need to mention the taste of cucumbers, we believe they were less watery and more sweet."

Growing cucumbers under the LEDs. Growing cucumbers under the LEDs.

Less cost and more yield

These tests proved that cucumbers grow under LEDs very well. LEDs cost-effective for growing cucumbers in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, where in the winter months, rely mainly on imports from southern Europe. It is much more expensive than own production under LEDs.

The latest developments of Philips is the diodes that consume a little energy with a good return of light, low heat generation, – said Udo van Slooten, General Manager Philips in horticulture. When used correctly, LED lighting manufacturers will be able to cost-effectively grow fresh, delicious vegetables, and not import them from other countries.

More than a kilogram per square meter

When growing, the rate of fetal death was far less, and it was also noticed that all the fruits were about the same size – average, from 200 to 210гр. Under HPS the weight of cucumber was up to 190 gr. If not cunning calculations, you can understand that actually get and 1 kg per square meter, which will increase the manufacturer's profit.

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