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Светодиодные светильники для выращивания растений LED GROW LIGHT

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Specialists of the company, Philips conducted a study and proved that led lighting is the most economical and efficient in the winter.

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If you use the tobacco for cigarettes, cigars, pipes, you can save some money by growing tobacco in the home.

News in the world of LED technologies:

Conference on LEDs in Chicago.

12 October 2016 will be held in Chicago conference on the theme "LEDs for growing". Will focus on such topics...

Osram is promoting intelligent lighting.

The former CEO of Bosch joined Osram as the new technical Director.

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Philips adds a dynamic mix of flowers for his horticultural led lighting system...

Led lighting of plants Led lighting of plants Led lighting of plants Led lighting of plants

Led lighting of plants made a lot of hype lately. On horticultural markets and shops increasingly, we find LED lamps for lighting of plants. The price of such lamps is much higher sodium lamps HPS or both Ayutthaya, what good are these lights? How do they work? How to choose the right led lamp?

Before, to effectively grow plants in home and greenhouse conditions, outside of the natural environment was virtually impossible. Today, LEDs allow you to completely replace the natural light cycle throughout the life of Your plants. Range of LED panels is as close to sun light. High efficiency: up to 96% of light is absorbed by the plants. Environmentally friendly – no mercury and other harmful heavy metal, emit no light harmful for plant.

The LEDs consume 70% less energy, which will significantly reduce the cost of electricity. These lamps have a long life and work without interruptions and replacements.

Before choosing the led panel or bulb to remember some factors that rely.

the choice of lamp for plants1. Spectrum (color diodes).

For proper growth of plants are two main spectrum – red (660nm) and blue (460nm). Other spectra are optional, but not harm Your plant, but rather the opposite.

2. Power lamp.

Power lamp it is necessary to choose proceeding from the necessary area lighting. The minimum height of the suspension LED lighting is 30-50 cm from the upper leaves of the plant.

Led lamps and panels (led bulb led light for greenhouses) can be used for the main lighting of plants, as well as for additional lighting. Buy led lamps and luminaires can be in any online store with home delivery.

It is worth noting, that the led panels and lamps for plants are perfect for home greenhouses, winter garden, grove tents (grow tent), greenhouses, because almost do not emit heat. Now You do not need a huge ducted fan to remove the hot air, as with sodium lamps, it saves the budget!

LED lamps (led light for greenhouses) do not require additional devices such as PRA and IZU (for sodium lamps! All perfectly aware that sodium lamps for its launch require additional devices that need to connect on the correct diagram... Led panel lights, and connect the standard cable directly to 220V, thanks to this virtually eliminated the risk of fire or short circuit.

Lamp is equipped with a suspension system and a wire 220.

Led lighting is used not only for home greenhouses, but also widely used in agriculture. Technology Green House solves the problems with solar light for greenhouse crops (tomatoes, cucumbers).

The benefits of led lighting:

  • Led lights consume 4-5 times less energy than sodium lamps;
  • Do not heat up and have the full spectrum of light;
  • Service life - up to 50,000 hours;
  • Able to work in the mode of lighting;
  • Savings - does not require maintenance costs (does not require additional cooling and reflector);
  • Have basically a modular design;
  • Mobility - lightweight suspension;
  • Quick installation due to separate modules;
  • Have compact weight and dimensions with relatively high productivity;
  • Does not require constant monitoring;
  • Does not require prior training space to accommodate;
  • Has a high light output;
  • Features high efficiency - 96%;
  • Harmless to man and the environment - does not contain mercury and other harmful substances, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation;
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability.

The absorption of light by plant



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